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 Research & Insights

Our global strategyThe New Equation, reflects fundamental changes in the operating environment faced by clients and stakeholders, including asymmetry, technological disruption, climate change and fractured geopolitics. As a community of solvers, we are committed to building trust and addressing these changes by tapping into our expertise and capabilities across multiple sectors.

It is this purpose that forms the bedrock of the Research & Insights Hub (RIH).
RIH - comprising a multidisciplinary team of researchers, writers, financial analysts, policy and technology experts, SMEs with relevant industry experience  - will be responsible for generating insights to address some of the most pressing problems of our society, which cut across sectors.

These perspectives are aimed at triggering transformational ideas and delivering sustained outcomes through human-led tech enablement to accelerate our journey towards a Committed India. We hope you find the articles and videos of relevance, and they help us work together to build trust and create a better, greener tomorrow.

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